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British Airways First Class

British Airways First Class has been taken to another level following the announcement of a £100m upgrade in January 2010 to their Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 aircraft.

First Class on British Airways is simply referred to as ‘First’. It oozes British style and hospitality, a luxury product in a travel class with a strong reputation.

British Airways First Class, image credit: British Airways

British Airways passengers range from top level business executives to celebrities. The First product features heavily on routes across the North Atlantic, the busiest route for premium traffic.

First remains a very important segment of the long-haul market, and we will continue to provide for it with dedication and flair

– Martin Broughton, British Airways

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Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Malaysia Airlines Business Class offers a great in-flight experience. Time and time again the airline ranks amongst the top in the world for their in-flight service.

They (cabin crew) have showcased Malaysian hospitality at its best, treating our customers as valued guests in our own home

– Idris Jala, Malaysia Airlines

In business class Malaysia Airlines offers an angled lie-flat seat product. At the time of its initial launch in 2003 it was among the industry leaders, only a small number of airlines at the time had gone the extra step to fully flat.

The design is a ‘mini pod’ which still features on many airlines who have gone to fully flat products, in many cases they have simply upgraded the product by making adjustments to take out the sleep angle though most of the other seat features remain.

Malaysia Airlines is likely to make their next product upgrades in business class with the introduction of Airbus A380 aircraft into service in 2011. Like many other carriers, they are using this state of the art aircraft as the launch of new in-flight products.


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Japan Airlines Business Class

Executive Class is the business class cabin for Japan Airlines, Japan’s flag carrier. They have a number of products available depending on which service you are travelling on. The latest product is the “Shell Flat Neo” seat, which made it’s debut in August 2008.

Japan Airlines has two angled lie-flat seat version and then a recliner seat version. This is for their international services.

JAL oneworld

Passengers can expect to experience great Japanese hospitality and service levels that one comes to expect when travelling with leading Asian carriers.

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Thai Airways Royal Silk Class (Int)

Thai Airways has a Business Class product called Royal Silk Class, this was introduced in 2005 with the launch of new Airbus A340-500 aircraft.

Royal Silk Class is an Angled Lie-Flat seat, designed by B/E Aerospace and is their ‘Minipod’ product also seen on some other carriers.

The product was a much needed upgrade from a cradle seat, given the region that Thai Airways operates in, it is vital they can compete with other carriers with lie-flat products from Asia as well as those flying into Thailand from Australia, Europe and Middle East.


Thai Airways has been one of the world’s leading airlines when it comes to service, they have been awarded many accolades for the in-flight services in their premium cabins.

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Continental Airlines BusinessFirst

Continental Airlines is introducing a new BusinessFirst product, BusinessFirst is their international business class cabin. It was announced in July 2008 and first went into service during the 2009 Summer.

Like many of the US carriers, Continental Airlines is entering a new generation where their premium cabins will now feature a fully flat or angled lie flat seat. This is essential to meet traveller demands who have the choice to utilise other carriers on routes to Europe and Asia for instance where other world leading airlines have had a far better product offering.

The in-flight experience in the BusinessFirst cabin has won numerous awards for the level or service and dining experience offered to passengers. Already the new BusinessFirst has been named as the Best Executive/Business Class in the OAG Awards for 2009.

We began designing this seat three years ago, involving our customers and numerous other experts to get it just right and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result

– Larry Kellner, Continental Airlines


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British Airways Club World

British Airways Club World is one of the leaders in regards to an international business class product. British Airways has been at the forefront in product development, in 2000 we saw the introduction of a new business class concept with fully flat seats in a business class cabin for the first time.

2000 is when we also saw British Airways introduce forward and rear facing seats in the cabin during this new product launch, a great innovation, enabling them to not have to sacrifice the amount of seats and give passengers a great level of privacy.

In 2007 Club World was upgraded to the current product available on their Boeing 747-400 and 777-200 aircraft. The original Club World is still featured on their Boeing 767’s.

British Airways Club World, image credit: British Airways

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American Airlines Business Class

American Airlines launched their next generation Business Class for international services in July 2006, it began being offered on 767-300 services in 2007.

The new seats are a step in the right direction for American Airlines, bringing their customers an experience that is more competitive against products offered by the world’s leading airlines.

Business Class on American Airlines even with their new product may not be up to the standard of the latest products their competitors are launching. Though they will certainly be competitive against their US counterparts and a much welcome upgrade for their most frequent of travellers.

The Business Class product upgrade is all a part of American Airlines’ ongoing strategy to focus on key products and services to their premium cabins.

Initially the new seats were made available initially on 767-300, then 777 aircraft. Recently it was also announced that selected 757 aircraft for international services would also receive the new Business Class product.

The layout for the seating is:

  • Boeing 767 / 2-2-2
  • Boeing 777 / 2-3-2
  • Boeing 757 / 2-2


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