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Qatar Airways Business Class

Qatar Airways Business Class provides a comfortable and spacious environment for passengers. They offer an exceptional in-flight experience and are listed as a 5 star airline by Skytrax.

On top of the cabin experience, Qatar Airways offers a rare experience with their Premium Terminal at Doha International Airport exclusively for business and first class passengers. Making it a very attractive transit point and ideal hub of choice if not making Doha your final destination.


Business class seating on the Boeing 777’s is fully flat which is an enhancement on the angled lie-flat seats found on the long-haul Airbus aircraft. The product if fairly similar, though Qatar Airways has upgraded the product to the latest industry benchmark. It is likely that Airbus aircraft will be retrofitted in the future to have this fully flat business class seat.

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Etihad Airways Business Class

The carriers from the Middle East are setting global standards for the rest of the world’s airlines to keep up with, Etihad Airways is no exception.

Etihad Airways is a very young airline based out of Abu Dhabi, having launched in February 2003 and established as the national airline of the United Arab Emirates by a royal decree issued by Sheikh Khalifa.

The airline is world acclaimed and has picked up awards from: Skytrax, World Travel Awards, Business Travel Awards, Business Traveller, Inside Flyer and Aviation Business Awards.

Pearl Business Class is the name of their Business Class product and they have two variations between their long-haul (fully flat seat) and short-haul flights (recliner seat).


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Thai Airways Royal Silk Class (Int)

Thai Airways has a Business Class product called Royal Silk Class, this was introduced in 2005 with the launch of new Airbus A340-500 aircraft.

Royal Silk Class is an Angled Lie-Flat seat, designed by B/E Aerospace and is their ‘Minipod’ product also seen on some other carriers.

The product was a much needed upgrade from a cradle seat, given the region that Thai Airways operates in, it is vital they can compete with other carriers with lie-flat products from Asia as well as those flying into Thailand from Australia, Europe and Middle East.


Thai Airways has been one of the world’s leading airlines when it comes to service, they have been awarded many accolades for the in-flight services in their premium cabins.

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Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa has had a strong Business Class product for their long-haul flights for some time now. When initially launched it was among the best products in the sky in the Business Class cabin. Though now that in-flight products are advancing to the next generation, many passenger talk about ‘fully flat’ and come to expect it on long-haul flights.

The Lufthansa Business Class is an angled lie-flat seat, it was launched in 2003 and still challenges in regards to quality and design against many other of the worlds airlines. Take the North American airlines for instance, they are now only beginning to catch up against the rest of the world with in-flight products. Lufthansa has been in the leading group of airlines and in a position where they offer a consistent product across their fleet.

As the Airbus A380 comes into the fleet, it will be interesting to see if Lufthansa makes any upgrades to their current Business Class product. It may be similar to Qantas on their A380’s, where they look at making an already strong product even better, Qantas kept the SkyBed and transformed it into a fully flat seat rather than angled lie-flat. Lufthansa could take their lead. The A380 is a closely guarded secret, so it will be a matter of watching this space.

With the new Business Class design we are opening up a new dimension for our customers. We offer maximum comfort, more space, more peace and quiet, a diverse information and entertainment program and excellent service on board.

– Wolfgang Mayruhuber, Lufthansa

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Virgin Atlantic Business Class

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class (business class) really took the flying experience to a new level in 2003, in true Virgin style it was about bringing flare to the skies with a trendy uber cool product.

The offering from Virgin Atlantic in Upper Class is one that is constantly creating new boundaries, when launched it was a clear leader. Now with other airlines launching strong products there is plenty of competition, though with the launch of the exceptional Clubhouse experience at London Heathrow Terminal 3 and the introduction of the special Upper Class Wing for check-in, they keep raising the bar with new initiatives.

Upper Class sits within the Business Class product family, though the Upper Class ‘suites’ introduced by Virgin Atlantic really challenge many airlines in the First Class cabin.

Its all about sleep, work, play, dining and relaxing with Upper Class. The product has a unique design where it is in a herringbone shape, they are set in the cabin going diagonally in a forward facing manner. Each passenger has aisle access.

I am delighted to be launching this revolutionary product – calling it a ‘suite’ signifies the leap in quality and comfort offered by Virgin over our rivals’ ‘standard’ business and first class seats. Our Upper Class Suite will move aviation forward by decades.

– Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic


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