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Virgin Atlantic Business Class

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class (business class) really took the flying experience to a new level in 2003, in true Virgin style it was about bringing flare to the skies with a trendy uber cool product.

The offering from Virgin Atlantic in Upper Class is one that is constantly creating new boundaries, when launched it was a clear leader. Now with other airlines launching strong products there is plenty of competition, though with the launch of the exceptional Clubhouse experience at London Heathrow Terminal 3 and the introduction of the special Upper Class Wing for check-in, they keep raising the bar with new initiatives.

Upper Class sits within the Business Class product family, though the Upper Class ‘suites’ introduced by Virgin Atlantic really challenge many airlines in the First Class cabin.

Its all about sleep, work, play, dining and relaxing with Upper Class. The product has a unique design where it is in a herringbone shape, they are set in the cabin going diagonally in a forward facing manner. Each passenger has aisle access.

I am delighted to be launching this revolutionary product – calling it a ‘suite’ signifies the leap in quality and comfort offered by Virgin over our rivals’ ‘standard’ business and first class seats. Our Upper Class Suite will move aviation forward by decades.

– Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic


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