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Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa has had a strong Business Class product for their long-haul flights for some time now. When initially launched it was among the best products in the sky in the Business Class cabin. Though now that in-flight products are advancing to the next generation, many passenger talk about ‘fully flat’ and come to expect it on long-haul flights.

The Lufthansa Business Class is an angled lie-flat seat, it was launched in 2003 and still challenges in regards to quality and design against many other of the worlds airlines. Take the North American airlines for instance, they are now only beginning to catch up against the rest of the world with in-flight products. Lufthansa has been in the leading group of airlines and in a position where they offer a consistent product across their fleet.

As the Airbus A380 comes into the fleet, it will be interesting to see if Lufthansa makes any upgrades to their current Business Class product. It may be similar to Qantas on their A380’s, where they look at making an already strong product even better, Qantas kept the SkyBed and transformed it into a fully flat seat rather than angled lie-flat. Lufthansa could take their lead. The A380 is a closely guarded secret, so it will be a matter of watching this space.

With the new Business Class design we are opening up a new dimension for our customers. We offer maximum comfort, more space, more peace and quiet, a diverse information and entertainment program and excellent service on board.

– Wolfgang Mayruhuber, Lufthansa

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