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American Airlines Business Class

American Airlines launched their next generation Business Class for international services in July 2006, it began being offered on 767-300 services in 2007.

The new seats are a step in the right direction for American Airlines, bringing their customers an experience that is more competitive against products offered by the world’s leading airlines.

Business Class on American Airlines even with their new product may not be up to the standard of the latest products their competitors are launching. Though they will certainly be competitive against their US counterparts and a much welcome upgrade for their most frequent of travellers.

The Business Class product upgrade is all a part of American Airlines’ ongoing strategy to focus on key products and services to their premium cabins.

Initially the new seats were made available initially on 767-300, then 777 aircraft. Recently it was also announced that selected 757 aircraft for international services would also receive the new Business Class product.

The layout for the seating is:

  • Boeing 767 / 2-2-2
  • Boeing 777 / 2-3-2
  • Boeing 757 / 2-2


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